Aloha, imagine having enough money to purchase a piece of property anywhere in the world, imagine that perfect place.  A perfect location, a perfect dream realized, within the Unites States of America, where people with unlimited capital want to live and vacation with their loved ones.

This place is the real “Blue Orchid”, a newly built home on the North Shore of Kauai, Hawaii.  This home was built in the heart of a dreamer... upon fruition, with much love and gratitude. 

Mingle with society’s upper echelon of movie stars, rock icons and other successful people from Fortune 500 companies to real estate gurus; all choosing Haena, Kauai as the place to own or visit. 

The property is located just a few miles from some of the most spectacular beaches in all of Hawaii: Lumihai Beach, Hanalei Bay, Anini Beach, Kalihiwai Beach and Rock Quarry Beach to the East, and Tunnels Beach, Haena Beach and Ke’e Beach to the West.

Upon arriving to this 5 star luxury retreat and sanctuary; you will soon discover where heaven and earth meet.

The house was designed to be part of the landscape, to embrace the views of the “Blue Lagoon” and Pacific Ocean with Historic Hanalei Bay as a backdrop.  Protected by the barrier reef, this lagoon offers a place to swim safely, directly in front of the house. 

This is a home built with love, the highest quality possible, stated by many as the nicest home on the North Shore. Each of the four bedrooms has its own private entry and exit with a clear view of either the ocean or a water fall.

We incorporated only the best materials available.  Cedar exterior, Brazilian marble counter tops, and bathrooms, interior Jacuzzi bathtubs in both oceanfront suites, Brazilian mahogany floors, spacious Ipe decks, all the windows capture mystical magical views, Koi ponds, waterfalls, flowers o plenty encompass this compound.

We capture the essence of the ocean and every bit of the natural tropical ambiance, in every area of this property.  Although not possible to showcase every scenic window on this web page, you will be pleasantly surprised upon arriving to see what was not captured in our photos.

If privacy is desired, the property is enclosed by lava rock walls, a Hawaiian method called "hand stacking."  The Lava rocks create the ultimate ambiance and privacy.  This is our own “heiau [hei' (y) au’]” or special place of worship. Some heiau’s were elaborately constructed, massive stone platforms, others, simple terraces. Many are preserved today.  The heiau was commonly known by the Hawaiian natives for treating the sick, increasing food crops, insuring abundant fishing, stopping rain or making rain, success in war and for mo`o (reptilian) spirits.    

The yard is meticulously landscaped.  The lava rock walls are hand planted with a variety of Orchids, Bromiliades and many Indigenous Hawaiian Tropical plantings for you to enjoy.  While you stroll thru the property, your senses will be engaged by the sight and smell of the tropical flowers and many fragrances.  See if you can find and identify them all.   Here's a hint of what you can expect to see and smell; 150 Tahitian Gardenias, Plumeria’s, night blooming Jasmine, Tonga Taboo, seductively fragrant Ylang-Ylang, pink and red Gingers, Pua Keni Keni, Hibiscus Tilraceus, Bauhinia Purpurea, Birds of Paradise, Bromeliads, ferns, Hawaiian gingers and more....  The Orchids are found on many of the Palm trees, in the lava rocks hidden throughout the property, blossoming at random times with amazing deep rich colors. The flowers alone make this location a dream that can become your reality, all encompass this compound. Be sure to bring your camera, they make great photos.

For those golfers, Seashore Paspalum grass surrounds the house, the same kind of grass found on the greens at the Prince Golf Course in Princeville, rated the #1 golf course in all of Hawaii, only 15 minutes away.  The grass feels like carpet for the feet.  We’ve set up a fun miniature golf course with plenty of putters and golf balls supplied.

Relax next to the pond and experience feeding these beautiful Koi fish and their spectacular colors. The fish will be sure to entertain you and beg for more treats.  They don't know when they’ve had enough, so only small portions please.  Food is provided for the fish.

Calling all Snorkelers, this is what you been dreaming of... clear, pristine waters, a variety of colorful fish.  On any given day you can encounter turtle’s, spinner dolphins, whale watching, and the occasional Monk seal. This is a secret location, don’t tell anyone, but our front yard boasts some of the best snorkeling in all of Kauai. 

When the trade winds pick up, one can indulge in Wind Surfing Sports or for those of you who enjoy watching these activities, a short walk down the beach is home to some of the best kite board sailing grounds in Hawaii.  If surfing is what you’re after, Tunnels Beach, a world renowned surf spot, with some of the best surf on the planet, is 3 minutes north. 

If you’re more into finding sea shells, you have come to the right place.  These beaches are home to many indigenous shells; as you will see much of the local jewelry is produced from these rare specimens. 

If you’re wondering "is there going to be a crowd?”  The beach directly in front of the property is mostly a private beach.  People have to know how to find the beach and beach access is limited.  Locals know this place as a very special place.  Hawaiians fish the beach with nets and casting rods for Papio and Ulua.  If you enjoy fishing and good eating, give it a try and have fun.

This is how the rich and famous live, this is how people with big dreams live and this can be a place where you can create memories that will last a life time.  Bananas, papayas, coconut trees, pineapples, grow within the walls of this white sandy beachfront estate.
I’ve lived here on Kauai's North Shore throughout the years and enjoy this beach and the surrounding beaches with only a handful of beach-goers at any given time. Many days, I’m the only one, wondering how I was so blessed to have this all to myself, I hope to see you in Paradise soon, Mahalo!

Intimate~Sandy Beach Front 
Ocean and Mt. View Home